Celebrate our first anniversary by taking advantage of our


For $199 you get:

  • A $100 gift to test your skills and strategy
  • A free $250+ collectible which includes membership benefits and future perks*
  • 20 digital collectibles built for immediate fun and set building
  • 20 entries to win REAL physical cards (setlist worth $500,000+)

This deal makes you an instant winner, it's basically free money!

Snag this deal NOW and find out all the ways you can win with Blokpax!

  • Sell and trade your entries to cash out along the way.
  • Buy or trade your entries to win graded slabs.
  • Sell your digital collectibles, or collect them and earn points towards future rewards.

PLUS many more thrilling twists and turns.

On the fence but want to hear more?

Get more info on Blokpax via email here. Let us convince you on this EPIC deal.

Please visit blokpax.com to learn more about all of the exciting things we have to offer!

Single Pax are also available for $5 .

* Must complete one transaction on the secondary market to qualify.

No purchase is required for sweepstakes entry. Official Rules and complete prize list will be posted prior to the sweepstakes period.

NOTE: Your Summer Elite Boxes will be distributed to the wallet linked to your Blokpax account after the National. You'll have a chance to create a Blokpax account and link your wallet after you purchase.

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